Fresh-2-Table: Big Order Day Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hello Fresh-2-Table existing members and interested veggie lovers!
The next pickup/consignment of fresh vegetables is February 4, 2017 – THIS SATURDAY!

Based on the feedback received from the last few orders, a list of frequently requested items has been generated to make your decision making easier.

Please note that vegetables are purchased in bulk and distributed based on the number of members requesting the item. For example, if 4 people want Indian Okra, and the consignment comes in 15lb lots, then each member will get 15lb/4 = 3.75lbs.

If you are interested in a specific variety or item not on the streamlined list, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 214-548-7773

The streamlined list, based on previous purchases.
Indian Okra
Tomato Loose Med
Onion Red
Potato Idaho
Indian Bittermelon
Chinese Okra
Chinese Eggplant
Indian Eggplant
Long Squash
Indian Thai Chili
Garlic Peeled
Guvar Beans
Long Beans Green
Valor Flat
Snake Gourd
Amaranth Leaves
Curry Leaves
Green Mangoes
Oranges Valencia
Methi leaves
Mint leaves
Loose mint leaves
Ginger Root
Green Beans

We have extended the deadline for order to Today, Thursday, Feb 2, 2017 by 6:00PM.
Orders can be placed to

Thank you for your patronage!
Good eating to all!


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