Fresh-2-Table: Beans Poriyal


The Fresh-2-Table kitchen is hot and spicy this fine afternoon. Requested by a client, this classic South Indian dish is comprised of freshly cut long green beans and coconut to start along with a little water in a large skillet or pan.

Then the spices are “tempered”. Tempering of spices is a traditional method to extract the full flavour from spices and is also known as “Tadka”. Essentially this method is when whole or ground spices are heated in hot oil and then added to a dish. The hot oil or ghee makes the spices more fragrant and flavoursome and brings the essence of the spices to the fore and maintains this essence when it is added to a dish. Not only does tempering add flavour but it also unlocks the nutritional benefits of the spices. (

This dish has a blend of tempered spices which includes black mustard seeds, cumin seeds, mashed urad dal, yellow split peas, red chili, curry leaves and asafoetida.

(The author was asked to be a taste-tester for the dish. It was so beautifully prepared, that he immediately snapped a few pictures with a cell phone camera and wrote this small internet note).

Again, if not for the fact the Beans Poriyal is meant for a paying client, I’d have eaten the whole thing by now. Unfortunately, Chef has been too busy to make rice to compliment the dish. It is expected that the client will make their own starch to accompany this fine South Indian vegetarian curry.

Good eating to you all!