Fresh-2-Table: Corn Balls! 01/17/2017

Hello Fresh-2-Table clients and friends!

Chef was feeling adventurous in the kitchen, while Team F2T was planning for the Wednesday 01/18/2017 order deadline. The result of this idle culinary journey? Corn Balls!

Granted, it may be necessary to find a more stylish name for this finger food treat, but the flavors after the first bite were magnificent. A F2T client (and family member) suggested that Chef make a platter of these as a sampler to attract new clients. She (the F2T cient in question) was having her friends over that evening anyway, and Chef said yes.

The results are below. We do not yet have the technology for your to taste this through your screen, but rest assured, they were a party for the taste buds.

Look for this on a F2T catering menu soon.

Good eating to all.