Fresh-2-Table: Fresh Veggies order from 01/20/2017

We collected the orders from our Fresh-2-Table clients. the vegetables were so …there really is no other word for it … beautiful!

We decided to take some snapshots for the Fresh-2-Table blog.

Below is just a sampling of what we distributed to our clients on Friday 01/20/2017. Our clientele seem excited and pleased with the quality, shelf life, and taste of the produce t date.

So far so good. Since this delivery, the Fresh-20Table kitchen has been busy fulfilling orders for fresh made chapatis, a dinner for four, and appetizers for parties.

We are pleased with the response to this venture.

Good eating to you all!


Ridge Gourd – “Beerakai”

Tomatoes – Just ready for ripeningĀ 
Indian Eggplant