Fresh-2-Table: Personal Chef/Catering -A pan-ethnic pasta. 01/17/2017

Lots of fun today at the Fresh-2-Table HQ. We had guests over for dinner, and though Chef could have made her usual greatest hits, she decided to test the “Italian” and “Mexican” flavors she plans to make available on the upcoming  Catering Menu (to be posted soon).

She made a pasta dish called “Southwest Alfredo”. She happened to have a rice flour-based penne pasta in the pantry and used this as the pasta base. A copious amount of corn, peas and red bell pepper was mixed with no-salt black beans to give the dish texture, protein, and crunch. A mix of alfredo sauce and classic italian marinara, and a blend of spices, finish the dish.

Glistening with flavor, this was a big hit with the already energized crowd. The dish was the right balance of protein, carbs and fat to fuel the conversation well past the intended meeting time, though I’m sure the goodwill of the meeting bore some responsibility for the extended stay!

We are reasonably certain that this blend of Mexican and Italian style tastes will be part of the Fresh-2-Table menu.

Good eating to all!