Fresh-2-Table: The Personal Chef/Catering Service – Our first orders

Hi Fresh-2-Tablers!

This was a busy weekend for the Fresh-2 -Table HQ. It seems that the Facebook page and this site have generated some local “buzz” around the North Plano, TX area.

We had a request for a Meals-2-Go order, consisting of fresh Naan and Buttered Naan. Then came another for freshly made roti and chole – a garbanzo bean stew that is just delicious.

We received text messages from our two clients. Our Naan customer wrote “They were very tasty.” The roti-chole customer exclaimed “It was AWESOME. It (the food) got over yesterday itself!”

So, a win win for team F2T!

Unfortunately, we did not get a picture of the roti or the chole, but we did capture, in exquisite detail, the Buttered Naan. The dough takes a few hours to rise, but when it does, the naan dough makes for some seriously good bread.

While working on the breads and chole, we pulled out an old South Indian snack, to warm ourselves during a chilly Texas winter afternoon, called “Punugulu”. Punugulu is a fritter made from an APF-Yogurt batter, with aromatics and chilis, and fried in a special pan.

The photos for these delicious treats had to be taken quickly, as they were being eaten just as fast as they were being made! We hope to have this as a menu item soon.

OH! Menus for Meals-2-Go and Catering Services COMING SOON! We are still finalizing the list of items, the menu layout and formatting, and deciding on introductory pricing.

We also plan to have a Pay Pal link up soon, so customers can pay with a card and pick up their orders without worrying about having enough cash.

Until the next post, we wish you….

Good eating to all!