Item List for 01/18/2017

HEY! Fresh 2 Table-mates!!

The updated list of available veggies are here. We require all orders to be in by Wednesday, 01/18/2016 by end of business day. Some minor changes to the service – the minimum order per person is 2lb. This allows us to calculate easily how much of an item we need to acquire.

Take a look at what you need, and contact us.

Also, on Thursday 01/19/2016 – we will be publishing the item volumes being ordered. We call this the “final list” – but it gives each customer a chance to make last minute decisions on what they want.

Also, if a customer is the only person to purchase a particular item, they have a chance to commit to the order, or edit their order accordingly. Or, they can pique the interest of another customer who may also want that item, thereby sharing the cost of that item.

We will be fulfilling all orders on Friday 01/20/2016. After sorting the vegetables into individual orders, we will be contacting you via text message for you to pick up your order.

Questions? Find Nalini at 214-548-7773, or send an email to

Good eating to all.