Item list for 01/18/2017 Order date

We just published a page that provides the item list so you can order your next round of fresh veggies.

Click here for more info and how to order!

Good eating to all!



Orders will be fulfilled on 01/20/2017.


Welcome to Fresh2Table

Get to know us!

Hi there.

Fresh2Table is a service that started a few weeks ago, catering to the busy families residing in and around the Russell Creek subdivision of Plano, TX. From those early days of phone calls to interested friends and family, the business has quickly spread, through word of mouth, to in and around a 10 mile radius of Plano, TX.

The service, you ask? Well, it’s an alternate way to get fresh, long lasting, market-style vegetables without the need to go to the grocery store, spend hours in lines, selecting from produce that’s been on the shelf for days or even weeks, and then having to go home and prepare the produce for cooking or storage.

Fresh2Table is a service in four distinct parts.

  1. Distributors of market fresh produce
  2. Pre-cut, pre-sorted, vegetables for storage or immediate preparation in your kitchen
  3. Meals-2-Go services, including full meals for ┬álunch or dinner, fresh indian breads like naan, paratha, roti or chapathi – not frozen; not store bought, but prepared by hand.
  4. Full catering services for your next dinner party, family reunion, hosted event, etc.

So far, the number of customers has been manageable enough to satisfy through phone calls and text messages. We will be using social media tools, such as this site, Nextdoor, Facebook and What’sApp, to keep all of our customers in the know as to delivery schedules and when to order.

As to costs – so far we have not published average cost per pound, partially because the cost per pound changes every two weeks, due to seasonal changes and product supply. We will be providing metrics in due course, based on historical purchasing trends, for you to estimate what an order will cost. Final pricing is provided once we have packaged all orders, as final pricing is based on distributed weight of any one product per customer.

So far, the average order has been about $30.00/customer. This will feed the customer for about 2 weeks before a need to resupply.

We ask for a minimum order of 2lbs per item per customer, as this provides the customer and us an accurate measurement on how much to by and how much things will cost.

(WHEW) We are new to this, and have so far satisfied our customer base with the quality, convenience, and cost of the vegetables we acquire and distribute. As we get better at how we run this business, we will pass on the experience to you through our continued evolution in quality and service.

The company was formally registered in Collin County, TX in December 2016. Our following is growing (heh), and we hope we can be of service to you.

Good eating to all!